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Questions About Our Newly Launch Pimple patch ?

Pimple Patch is a gentle (yet super-effective) pimple patch. To be exact, it’s a transparent hydrocolloid sticker that sucks up pus and protects the skin.

First, thoroughly clean and dry the blemish and surrounding area. Apply a Pimple Patch directly on top of the blemish and leave it on until the sticker turns opaque white, which generally takes about six hours. If there is still pus left in the pimple after your patch is removed, you can replace it with a new patch. Pimple Patch is safe to use overnight or during the day.

Since hydrocolloid attracts water and fluid, Mighty Patch works best on pimples that have come to a head (in other words, you can see white fluid or pus trapped in the pimple). If you tried a Pimple Patch and it didn’t change from transparent to opaque white, your pimple might not have been “mature” enough or the right type of blemish.

If you have cystic acne, we recommend you see a doctor or dermatologist for professional treatment.

Hydrocolloid was originally designed for use as a medical bandage or dressing for wounds. It has a gel layer that’s formulated with pectin or gelatin and other ingredients that attract water and absorb fluids (such as pus). Pimple Patch is not made with gelatin and therefore is vegan-friendly. As the hydrocolloid draws in fluids or pus, the patch changes from transparent to opaque white, which is all the gunk that was pulled from the pimple.

We recommend you consult your doctor before using any prescription drugs with Pimple Patch.

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