Pimple Patch In Bangladesh

How to Use a Pimple Patch
We going to launch Pimple Patch In Bangladesh as soon as possible to fix peoples acne problem. Maybe you haven’t broken out in years. Maybe you were searching for a quick fix for your tween’s new acne situation. However you got here, we’re happy to guide you through the pimple patch scene. Which is really hot, BTW.

And, why are pimple patches so hot right now? The answer’s pretty straightforward — they work. Quickly. Without damaging your skin. In fact, when our co-founder Syed Al Shahaf first discovered hydrocolloid patches, he was in awe of how effective and gentle they were and simply had to bring them to the Bangladesh market.

From the OG pimple patch experts, here’s the tea on what pimple patches are, how they work, and exactly how to use pimple patches for maximum zit-busting results.

The three types of Pimple Patch In Bangladesh

Most pimple patches fall into one of three categories: hydrocolloid patchesmedicated patches or microneedle patches.

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Hydrocolloid, microneedle, and medicated treatment patches all work for different types of pimples!

Hydrocolloid, microneedle, and medicated treatment patches all work for different types of pimples!

How does hydrocolloid work?

While hydrocolloid pimple patches are relatively new, hydrocolloid bandages have been used in medical fields for ages. “Hydrocolloid dressings are used by dermatologists and wound care RNs for open, non-infected wounds,” explains Dr. Rina Allawh. “These dressings may provide a protective barrier for those who frequently pick acne pimples (termed acne excoriee) and absorb drainage from acne bumps.”

That ability to quickly absorb drainage (or pus, if you want to keep it real 😉) is what makes hydrocolloid patches the ideal spot treatment for whiteheads and “poppable” pimples.

  • They pull out all of the gunk from a pimple (you can actually see the pus on the patch when you remove it)
  • Prevent secondary infections and act as a moisture barrier to speed up recovery time.

The key to finding a great acne patch is high-quality hydrocolloid, which will allow the patch to stick more closely to your skin for a longer period of time — so it can do its job of clearing the pus. And we know a thing or two about high-quality hydrocolloid.

How to use a Pimple Patch In Bangladesh for bangladeshi peoples

One of the reasons people love hydrocolloid patches is that they are so simple to use! If you have a pimple with a visible “head” or pus, simply cleanse your skin, let it dry, apply a patch and you’re done. Six or so hours later, remove the patch and cleanse the area again. 

Side note: We sometimes get DMs asking “can you put a pimple patch on a popped pimple,” and the answer is yes, you can. It will finish the job and save you from doing any additional damage.

Our daytime acne patch, the Invisible+ is stealthier than the original – but just as strong! It’s ultra-thin, matte, and seamlessly tapered, making it virtually undetectable on your skin.

How do microneedle patches work?

First off, the needles are super-duper small, as in you can barely feel them when you put them on. Second, the microneedles are the key to getting those acne- or hyperpigmentation-fighting actives straight to the source of the issue.  

Most microneedle patches are designed to either fight blind pimples (early-stage acne) or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark spots). “Medicated pimple patches often contain salicylic acid which help to dissolve dead skin cells and skin debris, hydrate the skin and decrease skin inflammation, respectively,” says Allawh. Other effective microneedle patch ingredients include vitamin C or tranexamic acid to brighten and fade dark spots.

Pro Tip
When buying a microneedle patch, it’s important to check the number of microneedles per patch. You’ll need quite a few (as in 150+) to deliver blemish-busting ingredients to a deep, under-the-skin pimple or to make sure brighteners get to the heart of a blemish. The 173 hyaluronic acid microneedles in Micropoint for Blemishes and Micropoint for Dark Spots have a special pyramid design and ultrafine tips so they can unleash a super-dose of effective ingredients exactly where you need them. 

The Micropoint patches uses proprietary technology for a painless application.

How to use a microneedle patch

Again, the process is pretty simple — cleanse and dry your skin, put on the patch and remove it after six hours. The key difference is the need to press down the patch for 15-30 seconds after applying. This will allow the microneedles to penetrate the skin and get the ingredients moving in the right direction.

A patch for every pimple

If you google pimple patch, you’ll get a dizzying number of articles to read, videos to watch and products to choose from. The good news is that if you’ve got a pimple (or post-pimple skin issues), there’s probably a patch for that.